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In the nine videos below, you will learn more about different types of depressive thoughts. Each will describe a different form of depressive thinking, give examples, and provide a case history. Although these nine types of depressive thinking are presented separately, you will notice that many of them share similar characteristics with the other types. In other words, there is a lot of overlap between the nine categories, and they often coincide. So, if an example of one type of depressive thinking reminds you of another, it's not necessary to tease them apart. The important thing is to understand how these types of depressive thinking prime an individual to feel badly, to the point where they can help produce or perhaps worsen someone's depression.

Watch the videos at your own pace. After each video, click the button beneath the video to enter your own example of the type of thinking that was discussed in the video.

Each video lasts about 5 minutes. This will help you to get comfortable with analyzing and recognizing depressive thinking.  In this way, you will learn to tell the difference between constructive, helpful, hopeful thinking and depressive thinking.

What is Depressive Thinking?

What is Depressive Thinking?


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