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Think Clearly About Depression

Mood Management Through Realistic, Hopeful, and Reassuring Thinking

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The Connection Between Thinking and Feeling

There are many contributing causes of depression, such as genetics, brain chemistry, and difficult life circumstances. Most people know this. However, many people under-appreciate the role that their *thinking* plays in their depression. As you will learn in the video below, your thoughts play an important role in your emotional reactions. We will describe the "ABCs" model of depression in which an Activating Event is interpreted by the Brain leading to Emotional Consequences.

People who are depressed tend to think very negatively about themselves. They often convince themselves that they are unlovable, incapable, helpless, and hopeless. They often see the world as unfair, cruel, and uncaring. People who are depressed tend to think pessimistically about their future. This kind of thinking is harmful to emotional health.

Depressive thinking is not silly, and it is no reflection on one's intelligence. Depressive thinking is simply something that needs to be noticed and addressed if you are going to be able to help yourself to improve your mood, and to recover.

You will see how it is possible to change the way you think...not to deny the challenges and problems in your life that may be very real indeed, but to be more constructive and hopeful.

Watch the video below to learn more about the link between your thoughts and your emotions.


The Think Clearly About Depression Program is currently open access. 

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