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The Science Behind Goalistics

A randomized controlled evaluation of an online chronic pain self management program

Empowering Patients with Persistent Pain Using an Internet-based Self-Management Program


Neurocognitive predictors of adherence to an online pain self-management program adjunct to long-term opioid therapy.


Online depressive symptom

self-management: comparing program outcomes for adults with multiple sclerosis versus those with other chronic diseases

Opioid dose and pain effects of an online pain self-management program to augment usual care in adults with chronic pain: a multisite randomized clinical trial

Engagement in online pain self-management improves pain in adults on T medication-assisted behavioral treatment for opioid use disorders

A pilot test of Internet-delivered brief interactive training sessions for depression: Evaluating dropout, uptake, adherence, and outcome.

Engaging adults with chronic disease in online depressive symptom self-management randomized clinical trial


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